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Modern VPS (Virtual Private Server) of our company are based on the latest virtualization technology KVM and OPENVZ. Due to its architecture, the user receives a number of key benefits. VPS has the following distinctive features:
- full control. The user gains root access, which allows fine-tuning for specific needs;
- minimum restrictions. Changes cannot be made except in the core OS and critical system files. Everything else is limited exclusively to hardware resources;
- independent. The servers located in the neighborhood, completely isolated from each other. They use only their own resources and separate IP address;
- scalability. Unlike physical servers, virtual can be changed easily by adding capacity, increasing the number of cores, or hard drive memory;
cost. VPS is more expensive than regular shared hosting, but significantly cheaper than a physical server.

Renting a VPS in our company, you get truly high-performance equipment. One of the main advantages are SSDS, which are much more reliable than traditional HDD drives. In addition, our users get to enjoy free DNS Manager, backup to FTP, use a suitable program to access the server and manage it.

The advantages of renting servers in the USA

The US is one of the most advanced countries of the world. It is in the U.S. for the first time thought of such a service as rental servers. That is why hosting services here are at the highest level of development. Renting a VPS, you get a lot of advantages:
- low cost. Hosting services are much cheaper than in the CIS countries and Europe. This gives you the possibility to rent even a relatively expensive VPS server at the affordable price;
- high speed. Despite the fact that the physical hardware is far beyond the ocean, sites are very fast. This is possible through the use of advanced equipment;
- universality. Personal servers are ideal for sites with a large number of contextual advertising and affiliate programs, corporate resources, the biggest online shops. Due to the peculiarities of U.S. law can quite legally be placed even a website with "adult" content.

Servers from WIDEMARKETS are your opportunities!

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