Modern VPS (Virtual Private Server) of our company is based on the latest virtualization technologies KVM and OPENVZ. Thanks to the architecture, the user gets a number of important advantages. VPS has the following distinctive features:

Full control (FULL ROOT). The user gets root access, which allows you to fine-tune to specific needs

Minimum of restrictions. Changes can not be made except in the OS kernel and critical critical system files. Everything else is limited solely to equipment resources

Independence. Servers located in the neighborhood are completely isolated from each other. They only use their own resources and a separate IP address

Scalability. Unlike a physical server, a virtual server can be easily changed by adding power, increasing the number of processor cores or the amount of hard disk

The cost. Rent VPS is somewhat more expensive than regular virtual hosting, but at times cheaper than a physical server

Renting VPS in our company, you get really high-performance equipment. One of the main advantages are SSD-drives, which are much more reliable than traditional HDD-disks. In addition, our users can use the free DNS manager, backup to FTP, use a convenient program for accessing and managing the server.

Benefits of renting a server in the US

The USA is one of the most advanced countries in the world. It was in the United States that they first invented such a service as renting servers. That is why hosting services here are at the highest level of development. Renting VPS, you get a lot of advantages:
- low cost. Hosting services are much cheaper than in the CIS countries and Europe. This makes it possible to rent even a relatively expensive VPS server at the most pleasant price;
- high speed. Despite the fact that physical equipment is located far beyond the ocean, the sites work very quickly. This is possible due to the use of advanced equipment;
- universality. Personal servers are perfect for sites with a lot of contextual advertising and affiliate programs, corporate resources, large online stores. Due to the peculiarities of US legislation, it is possible to legally place even a site with "adult" content.

Servers from WIDEMARKETS are your great opportunities!

We will be glad to see you among our clients and partners!

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